Pay per click advertising is a powerful digital marketing strategy that attracts

a lot of attention. It also attracts a lot of questions.

Maybe you’ve come across a paid ad published by one of your biggest competitors. Or, you’ve just read about pay per click advertising in another article.

Naturally, you have a lot of questions about how it works and what are the benefits. It’s easy to be deterred from exploring pay per click advertising for that simple, three-letter word: “pay.”

While other strategies require only time, PPC has a direct financial component that turns some marketers off.


That’s why it is so important to evaluate the four key benefits of PPC marketing. Understanding these advantages allows marketers to weigh the positives against the costs of paid Internet advertising.

Benefit #1: It’s Not The Financial Risk You Think It Is

This first benefit dispels a lot of the apprehensions regarding pay per click advertising. While the strategy does require a financial investment, the risk, nor the cost, are nearly as big as some marketers perceive it to be.

There are two cost-oriented factors at play in PPC advertising: bid amount and budget. Let’s address the budget first. Setting your budget tells the PPC platform how much you’re willing to spend in a given time frame, usually a day.

When you reach your daily budget, your ads stop running. This prevents a business from accidentally overspending on their PPC advertising.

Next, is your bid amount. Google Ads and other PPC platforms use an auction to determine what ads are placed and where. These auctions occur the moment a Google user searches for a targeted keyword and they are resolved immediately.

The notion of bids leads some marketers to fall into the misconception that PPC is a pay-to-win strategy, where only the brands with huge ad budgets are able to prosper. This is not true.

Google Ads uses a metric known as Quality Score to rank the quality of the ads. It uses this number, along with your bid amount, to determine ad ranks. Thus, adpositions are granted to the marketers that have the most relevant, high-quality ads!

As a result, bid amounts are kept relatively low, even on a major PPC platform like Google Ads. And, you only pay your bid amount when someone physically clicks the ad (hence the name, pay per click).

Benefit #2: Directly Leads To Growth

The number one reason that many businesses turn to PPC as a primary marketing strategy is because it can lead to huge potential growth. The end-result of pay per click advertising is more website traffic. If you handle any part of your business or sales online, this means more opportunities to acquire new customers!

More customers mean more sales, which helps strengthen your company’s bottom line. And, leads from ads are considered more likely to purchase sooner than people that stumble upon your website organically. In this respect, ad traffic is even better than other sources of website visitors.

As long as you can follow your ad content with a superb website experience, you can reach and convert new customers through PPC. Some of these customers you wouldn’t have normally been able to reach without the targeting options available on PPC Platforms.

But, it isn’t all about conversions. Pay per click ads also creates a lot of brand exposure. Even if your ads aren’t clicked, it’s still an opportunity to put your brand message in front of relevant audiences. They may recall your ad later and search out your business on their own.

You can also remarket to past customers and entice a followup purchase. No matter how you approach PPC, all of these possibilities all end at the same path: more growth for your business.

Benefit #3: Fast Results

Strategies that focus on generating organic traffic, such as SEO and content marketing, are great for completing long-term objectives. They create tremendous value over a long stretch of time. Unfortunately, not every business can wait for long-term strategies to pay off. Startup companies, for example, need marketing strategies that can start paying off right away.

Speed is a huge advantage that PPC marketing offers. While you may have to wait months or longer for SEO strategies to yield your business a spot atop the organic search results, PPC can put your business at the top of the page in mere moments after your campaign is approved and goes live.

This kind of speed is something that marketers in the Digital Age desperately need. Search users can change their behaviors overnight, which can be incredibly hard for slower tactics, like SEO, to account for.

You want your business to be displayed at the top of every relevant search page. You don’t want to be held back by sluggish tactics. You want to take advantage of the searches that potential customers are making right now.

Benefit #4: Remaining Competitive

Pay per click ad platforms are competitive, but don’t let this deter you from participating in the PPC space. Every digital marketing strategy you perform is going to have some level of competition. The trick is turning this PPC competition into the actual value that you can use to find winning marketing opportunities.

By studying what types of ads the competition is running, which audiences they are targeting and how they approach their ad marketing, you can find ways to better market your own products and services. These insights will not only give you an edge on your PPC competition, but they’ll also carry over into other areas of your digital marketing strategy.

Plus, ignoring PPC entirely means that the competitors already active on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other PPC platforms will be able to advertise freely and without disruption. Their ads may even be pulling people away from discovering your website organically!


You need to be present on PPC channels to compete with these businesses and ensure that they don’t reap the benefits of pay per click advertising without interruption.


As a marketer or business owner, you want the very best for your brand. You have a great product or solution that you know customers love. The benefits of PPC marketing allow you to connect that experience to more customers and grow your business in a fast-paced, competitive environment that won’t break your bank.